TungMeister – EV motor shaft – AH735


In the conventional machining process, the following 3 steps were needed.
Process 1: Grooving with a ø6 end mill
Process 2: Shoulder milling with a ø6 end mill (ae: 0.075mm)
Process 3: Shoulder milling with a ø6 end mill (ae: 0.075mm)

Improving machining efficiency and extending tool life were the main challenges. Additionally, the occurrence of burrs during the grooving process was also a hindrance to the quality of the parts.

Improvement in Machining Efficiency:
Applied TungMeister's special T-slot head with chamfering edge.
The conventional grooving, which required 3 passes for slotting, was reduced to 1 pass with the T-slot machining. Additionally, by incorporating chamfering edges, the chamfering process for removal burr creation was integrated into a single step.
As a result, the process time was reduced by 31%.

Extended Tool Life:
The conventional end mill faced issues with chatter during grooving, resulting in short tool life.
The TungMeister T-slot head adopted anti vibration cutting design, which suppressed the occurrence of chatter. Furthermore, increasing the shank diameter to ø20 enhanced tool rigidity, enabling stable machining.
As a result, tool life was extended by ten times.

Industry Automotive
Component EV motor shaft
Material ISO code P - SteelP - Steel
Work material SCr420
Machine(spindle type) Multi-Tasking Machine
Tool family Milling
Tool category Slotting
Product name TungMeister
TSR No. 5024M
EV motor shaft


Tungaloy Competitor
Body VTSD20L140S10-S ø6 Solid endmill
Effective number of teeth 6 4
Cutting diameter 25 6.15
Insert Special 6.15 mm width T slot head with chamfering edge
Number of cutting edges 1 1
Grade AH735 PVD

Cutting conditions

Tungaloy Competitor
Cutting speed V/c (mm/min) 180 80
Feed per tooth f/z (mm/t) 0.05 0.05
Feed f (mm/rev) 0.3 0.2
Feed speed Vf (mm/min) 688 1061
Depth of cut ap (mm) 6.15 3.4
Width of cut ae (mm) 3.4 6.15
Coolant Dry Dry


Cycle time31% Reduced

Tool life10 times