DoPent – Steering Knuckle – AH120


High productivity
–DoPent achieves high productivity without chattering even on low rigid machine components. This is because of the low thrust force due to 70 deg approach angle and sharp rake angle.

Industry Automotive
Component Steering Knuckle
Material ISO code K - Cast ironK - Cast iron
Work material Ductile cast iron
Machine(spindle type) Vertical Machining Center
Tool family Milling
Tool category Face milling
Product name DoPent
TSR No. 364M
Steering Knuckle


Tungaloy Competitor
Body TEN09R100M31.7-08 Face mill cutter
Effective number of teeth 8 7
Cutting diameter 100 100
Insert PNCU0905GNER-MJ SEEN1203
Number of cutting edges 10 4
Grade AH120 CVD K20

Cutting conditions

Tungaloy Competitor
Cutting speed V/c (mm/min) 165 165
Feed per tooth f/z (mm/t) 0.14 0.14
Feed speed Vf (mm/min) 588 515
Depth of cut ap (mm) 3 3
Width of cut ae (mm) 60 60
Coolant Wet [Internal] Wet [External]


Productivity1.15 times