ReamMeister – Shift Fork – AH725


ReamMeister exchangeable head system cost 1/3 of conventional solid reamer. RM still remains cost efficient even without regrinding service. In addition, the customer was using the solid reamer at low cutting parameters to avoid edge fracture that could not be repaired by regrinding. Hence, 1.8 times productivity increase was achieved with RM combined with consistent part precision.

Industry Automotive
Component Shift Fork
Material ISO code K - Cast ironK - Cast iron
Work material FCD600
Machine(spindle type) Horizontal Machining Center Large(#50,HSK100)
Tool family Holemaking
Tool category Reaming
Product name ReamMeister
TSR No. 1648D
Shift Fork


Tungaloy Competitor
Body TRM-T8-R20-3 Solid carbide reamer
Head HRM-23.000-BL-T8 φ23, z=8
Grade AH725 PVD, K10

Cutting conditions

Tungaloy Competitor
Tool diameter DC (mm) 23 23
Hole tolerance grade H8 H8
Pilot hole diameter (mm) 22.8 22.8
Hole depth H (mm) 40 40
Cutting speed V/c (mm/min) 100 90
Feed f (mm/rev) 0.8 0.5
Feed speed Vf (mm/min) 1100 620
Coolant Internal Internal


Productivity1.8 times

Tool cost1/3