ADDMultiTurn – Pinion gear – T9215


AddMultiTurn provided 2.7 times higher productivity in back turning operation. In addition, 6C-TOMG250608M-TM insert achieved 1.5 times longer tool life because a longer portion of the cutting edge was used in the cut during the back turning process. T9215, a versatile CVD grade for steel turning, controlled edge chipping and contributed to the tool life increase.

Industry Engineering
Component Pinion gear
Material ISO code P - SteelP - Steel
Work material S45C
Machine(spindle type) CNC Lathe
Tool family Turning
Tool category External turning
Product name AddMultiTurn
TSR No. 1640T
Pinion gear


Tungaloy Competitor
Holder ATXOR2525M25-A 25x25 mm Square shank toolholder
Insert 6C-TOMG250608M-TM TNMG160408 With medium cutting chip breaker
Grade T9215 CVD

Cutting conditions

Tungaloy Competitor
Cutting speed V/c (mm/min) 200 150
Feed f (mm/rev) 0.6 0.3
Depth of cut ap (mm) 2 2
Coolant Wet Wet


Productivity2.7 times

Tool life1.5 times