AddMultiTurn – Turbine Shaft – T9215


AddMultiTurn allowed cutting parameters to be optimized, providing 1.7 times increase in productivity and 32% decrease in machining time. Burr formation control By using pull turning method, instead of conventional push turning, burr formation was successfully eliminated. AddMultiTurn is the latest cutting tool series that enables all-directional turning for exceptional productivity.

Industry Automotive
Component Turbine Shaft
Material ISO code P - SteelP - Steel
Work material SCr420
Machine(spindle type) CNC Lathe
Tool family Turning
Tool category External & Face turning
Product name AddMultiTurn
TSR No. 1532T
Turbine Shaft


Tungaloy Competitor
Holder ATXOL2525M25-A ACLNL2525M12-A
Insert 6C-TOMG250608M-TM CNMG120408-With medium cutting geometry
Grade T9215 CVD (P20)

Cutting conditions

Tungaloy Competitor
Cutting speed V/c (mm/min) 150 150
Feed f (mm/rev) 0.5 0.3
Depth of cut ap (mm) 0.5 0.5
Coolant Wet Wet


Productivity1.7 times