DoTwist-Ball – Jig – AH3135


Outstanding productivity
Thanks to DoTwist-Ball’s tough round edge geometry, feed rate of the tool became 400% vs the competitor’s shoulder mill. Moreover positive inclination of the insert helped smooth chip evacuation in spite of deeper depth of cut. DoTwist-Ball achieved 750% productivity of the competitor.

Industry Engineering
Component Jig
Material ISO code M - Stainless steelM - Stainless steel
Work material SUS304
Machine(spindle type) Vertical Machining Center
Tool family Milling
Tool category Shoulder milling
Product name DoTwistBall
TSR No. 571M


Tungaloy Competitor
Body EXLN04M025C25.0R03 Shoulder mill cutter
Effective number of teeth 3 7
Cutting diameter 25 50
Insert LNMX0405R4-MJ 2 corner type positive insert
Number of cutting edges 4 2
Grade AH3135 PVD(M30)

Cutting conditions

Tungaloy Competitor
Cutting speed V/c (mm/min) 220 120
Feed per tooth f/z (mm/t) 0.4 0.1
Feed speed Vf (mm/min) 3361 535
Depth of cut ap (mm) 3.5 3
Width of cut ae (mm) 15 15
Coolant External External


Productivity7.5 times